Houseplant Happiness: Bringing Life to the Indoors

Houseplant Happiness: Bringing Life to the Indoors (via Bubby and Bean)

Despite the fact that my mother’s green thumb was not passed down to me, my skills at keeping houseplants alive has (somewhat) improved in the last couple of years. And thank goodness, because adding some green to our indoor spaces has not only been a really great way to liven up our decor, it’s also a huge part of what keeps me from legitimately losing my mind during the winter months. Houseplants (literally) bring life to a room, and decorating with them may just be the easiest way ever to make a home feel instantly put together. Filling up rooms with greenery has become something of a trend over the past couple of years (I mean, how many indoor succulents, cacti, and fiddle leaf figs did you see on Pinterest in 2014?), but it’s a trend in which I feel okay about investing. (Because really, how could houseplants ever go out of style?)

I don’t really do decoration goals, but I did recently mention to my husband that I’d like every room in our place to have at least a couple of houseplants this year. The spaces above have been providing inspiration and ideas for me, so I thought I’d share them with you guys as well. I think that last one is my favorite. I love the idea of walking into my living room and feeling like I’m in a forest.

Who else finds happiness in houseplants? And where in Chicagoland can I find some reasonably priced split leaf philodendrons (I want big ones)?

Images from top:  Modern Findings  //  Gardenista  //  wifeefiw  //  The Jungalow  //  Dynasty Plant Design  //  The Design Files  //  Kinfolk  //  Old Chum


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