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Post hosting pet care clinic
POST β€” The Post Rotary Club will host its annual pet care event from 9 a.m.-noon Saturday at the Post Fire Department parking lot. Organizers will provide vaccinations, tick and flea dips and tracking-chip services to dogs and cats. The event is

Summer pet care reminders during hot summer months
"Because a lot of pools are chlorinated with chemicals, you want to do a fresh water rinse, either with the hose or in the shower when your pet comes out," said Theisen. "Because our pets self-groom and lick their fur and lick their feet and we don't
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Mobile Pet Care Truck Making Stops Throughout City Of Camden
β€œIt's a good way to get to the residents that can't get to us to offer valuable low cost services and get their pets healthy and keep them out of the shelters.” People coming out to have their pets taken care of say this truck is a godsend. β€œI love it
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