Let’s Talk SHOES! Our 11 Fall Favorites

Fall 2012 Shoes

Happy Labor Day to those of you here in the states!  Although technically this day celebrates the contributions of workers (aka the fact that we bust some serious ass), it’s also recognized as the unofficial last day of summer.  Believe it or not, today I’m not going to get into my sadness over summer ending because I can only imagine how sick you guys must be of me whining over that.  Instead, I’m actually going to pay tribute to autumn (yes, it’s true) via my very favorite fall shoes. 

My sister Morgan is the shoe guru in the family, so I asked her to contribute her top shoe choices for the upcoming season as well.  Some of these are ridiculously out of our price range (hi ChloĆ© and Miu Miu), and others are incredibly affordable.  Regardless of price points, this round up contains a perfect mix of Morgan’s and my individual styles and also features shoes that either of us would be thrilled to have on our feet this fall.  And even as I wipe away my tears over saying goodbye to sandals and bare feet (okay, so that was a tiny whine), I will admit that the thought of fun fall shoes (and glorious, glorious boots) makes me look forward to cooler days.

1. Hi Top Back Zip Boot in Grey, Minnetonka
2. Lucerine Ankle Strap Pump, Payless
3. Frankie Oxfords in Aztec, Shoe Mint  
4. Into the Wild Boot in Black, Seychelles
5. Raimmy T-Strap Pump in Taupe, Madden Girl
6. Glitter Tassel Loafer, Miu Miu
7. Weavie Wonder Flat, Modcloth
8. Poet’s Prerogative Heel, Poetic License
9. Annarella Boot in Brown, B.O.C.
10. Scalloped Flat in Black, ChloƩ
11. Chukka Clog Boot in Purple Ash, Ugglebo

I hope you’re having a wonderful 3-day weekend so far!  I spent the last couple of days visiting with some dear friends who are in town for the weekend and hanging at a local music festival that Robbie’s band played.  And today is officially the first Labor Day ever where Robbie and I are actually in the same place, so we’re going to be especially Labor Day-ish and have a barbeque complete with burgers (veggie for me) on the grill, summery fruit salad and ice cold beer.  Whatever you’re up to, I hope this ‘final’ day of sweet summertime is full of sunshine and good times. 

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