Can Someone Give Me Any Tips to Potty Train My Dog?

So I just got a dog, he's small, like 2 months & im new at this, my dad used to "potty train" his/our dog but now this is my dog so I'm kind of on my own and I don't want him doing his business all over the house. Thanks!


1 – The first thing to remember about house
training a puppy is they can not hold
themselves long. Rule of thumb is 1 hour
for each month old. Therefore a 3 month
old pup should be able to control himself/
herself for 3 hours.

2 – The second thing to remember is you
take the pup out, on a leash, to be walked.
Not send the pup out. You have to be there
when pooch does the deed so you can
praise the pup, right then. Let the pup know
it is a job well done. Throw a real praise party!
There are key times a pup needs to be taken
out. When pooch wakes up from any sleep
time & at bed time. After eating and/or
drinking. After playing, exercise stimulates
the "need to go."

3 – Plus there are the odd times when a
pups gotta do what a pups gotta do. You
have to learn the pups behavior when
looking for the spot to go. Pups should
not have the run of the house till pooch
is trained. You should keep the pup in
the room with you so you can keep an
eye on pooch. When you see the search,
get 'em outside. If you catch the pup
making a pile or puddle, just say "NO!",
pick pooch up and get 'em outside. Use
an enzyme cleaner (Natures Miracle or
Simple Solutions)(pet store) to clean up.
Do not let the pup see you cleaning up,
it gives them the idea that is your job.
Outside is okay, just not inside. If you
find a puddle or pile after the fact, clean
it up with an enzyme cleaner (pet food
store) get a newspaper and hit….
yourself in the head and say "I should
have been paying more attention." Do
not try to punish a pup after the fact.
They will NOT get it.

4 – You have to be diligent & consistent.
I can not stress that enough so let me
repeat. You have to be diligent & consistent.
If you do your job the pup will catch on
pretty quick.

5 – You need to keep pooch contained
at night. Either crate or put the pup in a
bathroom. But remember the 1 hour rule.
You should get up and take 'em out at night.

6 – You can also teach the pup to go on
command by picking the word you will
use for each function, when the pup is
about to go repeat the word till the pup
starts going then tell 'em what a good
boy/girl they are.

7 – You can also teach them to ring a
bell when they need to go by mounting
one low on the door frame and ring it
with the pups foot when you go out.

8 – Last thing, never, ever rub your
pups nose in their waste. Besides
being nasty it only tells the pup you
want pooch to ingest the waste. Also,
never, ever hit a dog. That will only
tell the dog you are not to be trusted.
So, these are the 8 Steps to
House training a Puppy Good luck!

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