A Healthier Thanksgiving Dinner Shopping List

A Healthy Thanksgiving Grocery List // Bubby and Bean

Thanksgiving is officially three weeks away, and I can’t wait. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. Aside from the fact that it’s a day specifically devoted to gratitude, which I think is incredibly important, it’s a time meant for enjoying the company of friends and family, and marks the beginning of the holiday season (the most wonderful time of the year). What could be better than that? Oh – the food.

While Thanksgiving isn’t technically just about food, I think we can all admit that food is probably the aspect of the holiday that stands out the most. Whether you’re hosting an entire dinner, making a dish or two to pass, or just there to enjoy eating, Thanksgiving would be an entirely different holiday without food at the forefront. The comforts of a traditional Thanksgiving meal truly represent the comforts of the season.

That said, I’ve been really making an effort to eat healthier in 2016. And although even if I was on the strictest of clean eating plans I’d allow myself a day off for a Thanksgiving feast, I think creating a balance is a good idea. So I did some brainstorming, and came up with a grocery list for Thanksgiving dinner that includes healthier choices without giving up the joys of the ultimate comfort meal. And because I know many of you are eating healthier this year as well, I thought I’d share my list for the types of items I’ll be getting. Although I’m a vegetarian, my husband and most of my family isn’t, so I tried to come up with a nice mix of both veg-friend and meat items, along with planning side dishes that focus on better-for-you ingredients. (I also had to include some decor items, obviously.)

What I really love about this list, aside from all of the delicious foods we’re going to be preparing and devouring, is how easy getting everything will be, because we’ll be able to get everything we need delivered directly to our home, thanks (once again!) to Peapod. Those of you who read here regularly are well aware of the fact that I’m a fan of Peapod. They’re such a great service you guys. They not only deliver right to your doorstep, up to seven days a week, they’re often able to deliver as soon as next day, or, if you’re planning in advance like I am, up to two weeks later. It’s really no surprise that they’re the country’s leading internet grocer when you consider that they’ve delivered more that 23 million orders across 24 U.S. markets, and they are stocked with more than 12,000 products in a range of categories. I also love how Peapod offers so many organic and vegetarian options, which isn’t always the case with grocers in general. I can’t recommend them highly enough for your Thanksgiving and holiday needs!

So who else is already excited about Thanksgiving? Are you hosting or eating somewhere else?

This post is in collaboration with Peapod. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Bubby and Bean possible.


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