5 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Week

Well what do you know, it’s National Dog Week. I know August 26th is National Dog Day, that little factoid is emblazoned in my memory, but I didn’t realize that the fourth week of September is Dog Week and has been for 84 years. In a funny little coincidence, the mother is born on Dog Day and the daughter is born during Dog Week. Clearly this is in our blood. :)

I am so pleased that I will be spending the next two days in the company of animal lovers from around the world at the ACES International Conference in San Diego. I hope I bring back some fantastic stories. And in honor of the occasion, here’s 5 awesome ways you can celebrate this most auspicious of weeks.

1. Teach Your Dog a New Trick

No, it doesn’t have to be THIS fancy. Brody still doesn’t know ‘shake’.

2. Take some toys/blankets/food to your local shelter

They always need them! Happy pups are more adoptable, and giving them appropriate stimulation is a big part of that.

3. Foster a pup in need

This is a great way to help a pet without making the lifelong commitment to taking them into the fold (although many people do!) Many dogs that do poorly in a shelter environment blossom under the one on one advantages of living in a home, and foster parents can proudly know they have helped make a special pet that much more adoptable. Petfinder has a great article about fostering pets.

4. Make your dog a special treat

I made EIGHT special treats yesterday, not because I suddenly felt the need to spend seven hours in the kitchen but because I was filming a series of Pawcurious favorites for Pet World Insider. Brody and Koa reaped the benefits and will for the rest of the week. Bronuts and cupcakes and jerky and turbacons and oh, how they were happy.

Dr. V and Robert Semrow from Pet World Insider whip up a Dog Week Celebration Buffet.

5. Take your dog for a walk.

Isn’t it great that this one simple act is enough for your dog to be happy? But if you want to go extra fancy, you can celebrate National Dog Week and National Rollerskating Week (it’s that too!) at the same time and go rollerjoring. Oh, yeah. Seriously, you need to watch this person fly:

On second thought, helmetless = closed head injury waiting to happen. Maybe canicross would be a better choice.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate canines?

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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