Tips for Getting Your Dogs Coat Shiny?

Any grooming/ feeding techniques for getting my weimaraners coat nice and shiney? Thanks x


Shiney coats are made from the inside out. Good nutritition is of the utmost importance. Feed a quality food and supplement with Omega 3 fish oils and Omega 6 flaxseed etc. If your dog has any food allergies, be sure to address those. Salmon based foods and capsules are esp great at helping to put a shine in the coat. Grizzly Salmon Oil comes in a pump bottle that you can squirt on their food or kibble. Most dogs love it! Then there's kelp, biotin, brewer's yeast are all great supplements for the skin and coat. Foster & Smith Vet Supplier makes a good supplement called Vita Coat that works well. There are many, many different supplements and choices to choose from. When it comes to shampooing, use a mild shampoo unless your dog has specific problems that might call for a medicated shampoo. Don't shampoo too often, so as not to wash away the natural oils in the coat. Good luck! : )

Source: Tips for Getting Your Dogs Coat Shiny?

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