Monday Inspiration (+ Some Brief Thoughts on the Evolution of Social Media)

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If you’ve been reading around here long enough, then you probably remember when I used to put together admittedly aimless posts fills with images that inspired me and share them with no other purpose than to spread inspiration to my readers. Now these were the days when blogs ruled and Instagram was just an afterthought, when people chose to sit down with cups of tea (or maybe whiskey) and relax and slowly take in everything blogs had to share, so I felt a little more freedom to post ‘silly’ things like that. Don’t get me wrong – I am grateful for some of the ways that blogging and social media have evolved and the doors they’ve opened. The only constant is change, and I always try to embrace it and make the best out of what I find. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss those times before the quick fix of IG (and Pinterest and FB on some levels, too), when blogging was all we had and there just weren’t a lot of rules.

So in the spirit of that, and since it’s Monday and maybe we could use a little boost, here are some random images I’ve come across lately that particularly struck my fancy. I hope that bring a little inspiration your way too. Have a wonderful week, friends.


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