My New Favorite Fall + Winter Color

Navy Blue // Bubby and Bean

1. Dark Crystal Mineral Shadow, Noella Beauty Works  //  2. Herringbone Rug, Urban Outfitters //  3. Earl Grey Tea, Old Faithful Shop  //  4. Velvet Stocking, West Elm  //  5. Double Wrap Stud Bracelet, Tory Birch  //  6. Stacked Loafer Wedges, Anthropologie  //  7. Bedtime Dream Journal, ModCloth // 8. Midnight Cami Nail Color, Essie   //  9.  Simplicity is Sweet Dress, ModCloth  //   10. Navy Striped Washi Tape, Pretty Tape  //  11. Field of Flowers Pillow, Orla Kiely  //  12. Hunter Wellies in Navy, Zappos

Months went by where I didn’t do a single color love post, and here I am now, expressing my fondness for a color for the second time in two weeks.  Maybe it’s because the holidays are approaching and I’ve been perusing the internet and magazines more often than usual looking for gifts and party dresses.  Or maybe it’s because chilly weather is upon us, and it’s just easier to pay attention to details (like the colors of the season) when you’re holed up indoors, shivering under a blanket.  Whatever the reason, today is all about loving yet another color.  And that color happens to be good old fashioned navy blue. 

Navy is such a classic color, and although I don’t own a lot of it, it’s becoming more apparent to me how versatile it is.  From fashion to home decor, navy seems to look good with almost any other shade (which sadly, can’t be said of my beloved yellow).   Even the once taboo pairing of navy with black is suddenly the color combination of the moment.  It’s sort of the perfect color for fall, all dark and cozy, and looks so crisp for wintertime against neural shades like charcoal grey, beige and white.  The goodies above represent some of my favorite navy  items that I’ve discovered over the past couple of weeks.  Basically, I’m thinking that I need a lot more navy in my life.

Are you a fan of navy blue?  What are your favorite colors to pair with it?

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