Halloween-Themed Hair Ideas

10 Fun Halloween Themed Hair Ideas
10 Fun Halloween Themed Hair Ideas
10 Fun Halloween Themed Hair Ideas

I’ve posted these photos before, but my daughter had me do her hair like this again the other day, so I had to share one more time! We love ‘Crazy Hair Day’ at school, and if we can incorporate a holiday, we’re all in. 

If you’re a fan of Halloween and getting hair creative, here are some other fun ideas: 
  • pumpkin buns (two minis or one big)
  • crow bird nest bun (large doughbut bun with a black bird attached)
  • creepy bird next hair (tease/rat hair, add tons of hair spray, and insert sticks)
  • spider hair (bun on top with eight braids hanging down)
  • spider braids (hair in two french braids with plastic spider rings attached down them)
  • spider web bun (bun on top with cotton spider webs bobby pinned over it)
  • Bride of Frankenstein hair (tutorial here)
  • dirt hair (spray or paint hair black and attach rubber insects)
  • witch hat hair (spray or paint hair black and molded around a foam come to form witch hat)
  • devil horn hair (tutorial here)

I’m sure we’ll try a few of these over the next couple of weeks. I’ll be sure to share pics on Instagram.


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