This post was really helpful, thank you. I recentl…

This post was really helpful, thank you. I recently mentioned on a blog that I used a prong collar on my dog, and it created a firestorm. I have an 80-pound German shepherd, a stray I took in when he was young. My family has had dogs my entire life, all adopted or rescued from different situations, but we've never had one that was leash reactive. I tried almost everything else, but it was still nearly impossible to walk him in our neighborhood. Every time he sees another dog, he goes berserk, completely ignoring commands or treats. And the thing is, he is beautifully behaved any other time. I firmly believe that it's in how training aids are used that makes them humane or not, with a few exceptions )I don't like choke or shock collars). You should NEVER jerk on the leash when your dog is wearing a prong collar. That makes them cruel, and it is inhumane. The most my dog ever feels is a pinch to the neck when he moves too far from my side, and that seems far less painful and damaging than a choke or shock collar, which I think should be banned. My dog has never exhibited any signs of discomfort while wearing the collar, but then again, I handle his leash gently. He is praised for wearing it, and associates it with going for a walk, so he gets very excited when I pick it up. It's all in making the experience positive. Not everyone who uses these collars is lazy or cruel. Many of us have tried other methods to no avail. Not all dogs are the same, just as all people are not the same, and what works for one will not always work for another. I do not want to take the chance of him pulling himself and me out into traffic, and feel the prong collar is the safest alternative.

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