What kind of tablet and software do I need to be able to draw manga digitally?

Question by Destiny Allen: What kind of tablet and software do I need to be able to draw manga digitally?
I am looking for the right kind of software and tablet to use to draw manga digitally. I want to know what the best stuff is, and how much it is. If you could give me as much information about the software and the tablet, it would be greatly appreciated. If you use the tablet and the software I would really like to see a sample of some work that you’ve done on it. Please and thank you!

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Answer by jagjaguwar
well, i use photoshop cs5…i’ve always used some kinda photoshop actually. uh-oh, and at some point i also used gimp a few times(which is free). i can’t tell you how much any of the below softwares cost, simply cause i…let’s just say i don’t buy my programs/games/music/whatever. *hint* the perks of being a geek i guess :>

so, any photoshop cs and higher is good in my book.
you can draw some pretty damn awesum things with gimp, considering it’s free and all.
i’ve been told that mangastudio is great(and would probably fit your purpose best)
and i’ve also heard only good things about sai…

as for tablet, well, they cost some greens but are really fun. i have a bamboo wacom. a friend of mine gave it to me, cause he bought himself a better one or something. what can i say, i’m one lucky schmuck :> unfortunately, i don’t particularly use my tablet for drawing so i can’t show you anything completely digital. rather, i’m one of those “editors(cleaner+typesetter)”, who clean/typeset the manga you’re reading(have you ever compared a raw scan to a page edited by a hq cleaner?well, you should do it and then you should be very, very, veeery thankful xD). tablet comes in handy when cleaning the dust/removing sfx-es and redrawing some parts(it’s useless when typesetting tho).

ofc, i’ve also tried drawing with it at some point, but i must say as fun as coloring is, outlining is hell to me. i’ve got a scanner tho, which is a life-saver. i just scan a pencil drawing and tweak it around ’til it looks like digital lineart…

bottom line, look around and see what suits you best. drawing manga is a long process(i mean, hell, editing a chapter takes a few days, talk about drawing the thing) so you have to be comfortable with your software/tablet or else ’tis gonna suck for your eyes, nerves, hands, knees and whatever else you can think of.

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