finding a drawing tablet?

Question by Nadia Joens: finding a drawing tablet?
i want a tablet that is like the wacom tablets but i want to be able to draw on the tablet without the computer rather than just using the tablet as a mouse pad, if that makes sense….. and i d like to keep the price under 70 dollars if thats possible. it doesnt have to be wacom brand either. just as long as its a good brand that will last me.

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Answer by  ☥♡☮ 
tablets without computer, are computer PC tablets, like iPad or Android tablets, same name, but different use, and not low priced, so either you use drawing tablet that is attached to PC, or the tablet is a portable PC device,

iPad Tablet
Toshiba Tablet
Google Adroid

then look at Wacoms complete line of tools, from Inkling to Cintiq displays,
the smallest Cintiq is $ 999,

Amazon > tablets ~

Bamboo Stylus for iPad

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