Small Space Deck Decor Makeover

Small Space Deck Decor Makeover // Bubby and Bean

After so many months of being stuck inside after the horrendous winter we just had, I made a firm decision that I am going to spend as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors this summer on our little balcony-style deck.  I’m almost ashamed to say that we haven’t hung out there much in the past.  We did put a small table and a couple of chairs out there, and we’ve eaten dinner out there a handful of times, but until now, its main purpose was to house some of our container garden veggies and our old, beat-up grill.  I decided that I wanted it to feel more like an outside living area, and even though space and privacy are very limited (we live in a townhouse and don’t have a backyard), I figured that even just adding some colorful plants and flowers, some cushions, an umbrella, and a few decor items could easily transform the feel.  I’m kicking myself for not taking any ‘before’ pictures, but hey – not every project I do turns into blog content and I didn’t realize I wanted to share this until after the fact. :)  Just imagine it looking all gloomy and barren and sad beforehand, okay?  And please ignore the peeling paint – we’re re-staining in June.

Over the past few weekends, I went shopping and accumulated some pretty plants and flowers from several different local nurseries.  Then last weekend, I repotted them in terra cotta containers and in the flower boxes that hang on two sides of the deck railing.  We usually don’t put anything in the flower boxes (although last year we did make a pathetically unsuccessful attempt at growing lettuce in them), and now that they’re full of vibrant flowers, I can’t believe I waited so long.  I added a couple of inexpensive outdoor pillows in brick red, a simple grey outdoor umbrella (this one, which is currently on sale for $ 20 off!), and a block candle lantern that I picked up at IKEA.  I also moved a few of my Buddha statues and crystals and rocks to outside, hung a cool solar powered silk lantern, and I’m going to grab some bulb lights this weekend to string up. It feels simultaneously fun and peaceful out there now, and I love it so much.  It took just a few hours and less than $ 150 to create a completely new space.  I’m so glad I finally did something with it and can’t wait to hang out there all. summer. long.

In other news, it’s Memorial Day weekend!  Robbie had to leave town to work a music festival, so I’m working a half day today, and in a few hours, Essley and I are going to kidnap my mom from her work and head down to Indianapolis to hang with my sister.  It’s so rare that we get family girl time and I’m really excited for a mini road trip and getaway.  You can follow along with our adventures over on my Instagram (@bubbyandbean).  Have a wonderful weekend, babes!

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