Taking a Spring Break

Taking a Spring Break

I usually take a week off from the blog during our annual trip to Arizona in April, but since it’s looking like that trip won’t work out this year (for several reasons), I’ve decided to push my blog break up to this and part of next week. It’s the kids’ spring break from preschool and activities, so we surprised them yesterday with a mini trip into the city for museums and an overnight staycation. Robbie has a few days home from the road, and it’s been so long since we’ve been able to just spend time together as a family. I’ll still be posting over on Instagram (especially to my IG Stories!) and Facebook, but I’ll be saving new content for here on the blog until next week.

Speaking of the blog and Instagram, be honest with me – do you guys still read blogs? There has obviously been a pretty massive shift over the past few years from blogs to social media, and these days, the vast majority of audience engagement and traffic happens on our Instagram. We still have steady traffic to the blog, and I actually enjoy writing blog pieces more than anything else, so we’re not going anywhere – but it is always a bit of a struggle, from a business and personal perspective, to determine how to divide up time and content. I admittedly spend more time on Instagram than I do reading blogs, but I do still read them, and really enjoy it. And Instagram can be so challenging, so I am always crossing my fingers there will be a shift back to blogging. I’m interested in hearing your take.

Enjoy the last week of March, and I’ll see you in a week!


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