Glyco Flex® Customer Reviews

Not all customer experiences have been the same. Check out what people have said about their experiences with Glyco Flex and see if it is right for your dog or cat.

I highly recomend this product.

I have 4 dogs--a l5 yr. old, a14 yr. old, a10 yr. old & a 9 1/2 yr, old. All have been diagnosed with arthritis. Since switching to this product, I have noticed a distinct improvement. The oldest two can now rise from a sitting or a lying position without struggling. The oldest had stopped going out into the backyard except to potty. He now goes out, walks & sniiffs every thing in sight. I can rough house with my 10 yr.old once again without causing her pain in her arthritic shoulder. The 9 1/2 yr. old, I have on Glyco Flex hoping to prevent further damage to his freshly diagnosed arthritic joints.

My dog won't eat them

I ordered these and just received them last week. My dog won't eat them. There were some samples of some other products included in the box and she loved those, but she won't eat these. The reason for my bad review is this, I think, is the first thing I have ever found that she won't eat. It's a bummer. I am going to try crushing them and mixing them into her food. If I have any luck and see any results, I will leave another review.

Dogs wouldn't take them

One of my dogs wouldn't touch these which surprised me because they love their heartworm tabs. The other ate one and had projectile vomiting the rest of the evening even though he didn't take it on an empty stomach.

It seriously works!!

I initially started using this product when I got a 2-year old German Shepherd last year. She had a bit of trouble walking & definite problems jumping. After some tests, the veterinarian determined she had hip dysplasia. The doctor highly recommended this product. After I started her on the inital dosage, I saw a big improvement. By the time she was finished with the initial full dosage (before the maintenance dosage), she was at full mobility & energy! She literally outruns her brothers & sisters, and definitely has no problems jumping now! :-)

A couple of months ago, I got an 8-year old German Shepherd from the same rescue group (German Shepherd Rescue Group of Las Vegas). Obviously, being 8-years old, plus being large (95 pounds), he was noticably arthritic. I took him for a walk shortly after I got him, and he was struggling after a very short time. I started him on the GlycoFlex III, and also saw a huge improvement by the time he was finished with his full dosage that's he down to his maintenance dosage, he is able to take regular walks, and also is able to run & trot around the yard with big time energy! I'm very serious when I say you wouldn't be able to tell that he's 8-years old anymore. All I can say is thank the Lord for this product! A+ review!

best purchase ever

great experience! already had a friend purchase the same product from you guys. very pleased and will be a repeat customer

Everybody Loves Them

I have five dogs ranging in size from a 7 lb Yorkie to a 70 lb Lab mix and all were advised by my vet to start taking a joint supplement. Glyco Flex soft chews are the best. One full chew is perfect for the big dogs and can easily be divided (without crumbling) for the little ones. Big bonus - they all take their chews twice a day without a fuss - I love that!

Flex III - Great Stuff!!

I have been giving my dog Flex III for about 2 years now. Before I gave it to him, he was 7 years old at the time, he could barely get up in the mornings, he would yelp and cry because his hips hurt so bad. The vet was the first to "prescribe" Flex III for him, at a small charge of $75 for 90 tablets, and within 1 week he was not having any problems! It was great! A friend told me about ordering them online through Amazon and I was a bit skeptical because I was not sure it contained the exact same ingredients and their amounts, but it is and they do!!! It was exactly the same thing! Great stuff and I would definitely encourage others to use this product if they have a dog with hip discomfort and their vet says that Flex III is the way to go!!

Been using it for years!

This was recommended to us by the surgeon that repaired my last female Golden's knee that she blew out playing Frisbee She was 6 and went on to live another good 6 years. My oldest Golden now has been on it since before she passed 3 years ago for his hip displasia. We just recently had to add tramadol to it. He is roughly 14, and the glyco flex really has helped him over the years.

not sure at this point

My 9 yr old golden was limping off and on and I started giving him Glyco-Flex III. After a few days, he limped every night and seemed to be worse, so I quit giving him the Glyco.
He now is back to limping off and on, but not every night. I will try again at another time to see if the same thing happens in case this was just a coincidence of something else effecting him. I will update this review when I try it again.

We Keep On Walking Now!

My female pit bull mix began to develop arthritis three years ago. Started her on GlycoFlex and she is still going strong. She can still jump up on our somewhat high bed and walks regularly. She is 9 now and doing so well. I'm so grateful for this product.

She spits it out

My 15yr old dog is very picky now. She is rejecting supplements and pills (phycox, nupro, sentinel, proin) that she's eaten mixed with her food for years. I believe they are beef flavored so I bought the glyco flexx III hoping she'd eat a chicken flavored supplement. But no, she spits it out too. I tried breaking into smaller pieces and also crumbling and mixing well in her meal. She won't eat the food it is in. Can't really say whether or not the product works well since she won't eat it. Wanted to share that if you are trying it for a different flavor, it's probably not worth it.

We Keep On Walking Now!

My female pit bull mix began to develop arthritis three years ago. Started her on GlycoFlex and she is still going strong. She can still jump up on our somewhat high bed and walks regularly. She is 9 now and doing so well. I'm so grateful for this product.

Glycoflex has helped

Our 12 year old golden has been using the Glycoflex for about 5 months. He takes Rimadyl when he is having a "stiff" day, too. He has hip problems since puppyhood and had HD surgery at 9 months.

It gives me peace of mind to know that he gets the Glycoflex daily, I don't know if he is getting around better or not. I like to think that he is with this product. This is the best price that I have been able to find online.

helpful for arthritis

I've been using this product for over a year now. It was recommended to me from a woman that works at my vets. She said her friend had found it very helpful with her horse. My dog has very severe arthritis, and the product seems to help some, but he still limps and is not pain-free. I have to use prescription medication to keep him comfortable.

Knee and hip issues

My 7 year old Golden Retrever was having severe knee and hip issues. The Vet recommended Glyco Flex III, but I could not afford her prices, so I started buying it at Entirely Pets. My now 8 year old Golden runs up and down the stairs and is always ready to go for a walk.

Noticeable Results

I bought this for my 14 year old Lab. I have noticed a spring in her step ever since. I would highly recommend.